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  • Identify debt of non or low-performing structures with depressed valuations.

  • Evaluate the opportunity through appraisal, forecasting, and assessment of possible outcomes.

  • Capitalize on the opportunity for present value with the most placed over debt/equity structuring readily available.

  • Give greater value to each investment with thorough post-acquisition management, leasing, marketing, and redevelopment. 

  • Monetize the investment in a timely way, after reaching the highest value possible.

  • Identifying and creating value by changing a property's use, increasing its building size, amenities and increased rental rates  


Our services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Leasing: renewals, new tenants, and commercial leasing.

  • Full accounts for payment and a receivable department that monitors all bills and rent collections

  • Monthly reporting of all financial and billing information

  • Thorough and timely maintenance of buildings

  • Weekly building inspection and day-to-day building and employee supervision

  • DHCR and fillings

  • Research and correspondence with competitive contractors and vendors

  • Maintaining all legal actions pertaining to the property and making appearances in both landlord tenant courts, and state and city violation dismissals.

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